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Uncle Mike's RV Service

Premier Inspections

Uncle Mike’s RV Service is a mobile premier level RV inspection service.
Uncle Mike will perform your needed service timely, courteously, and properly. Get the quality of work, service, and professionalism you deserve.

… includes making a detailed account of the mechanical, structural and electrical components of the RV. It checks the working condition of these elements, and checks for any preexisting conditions.

The Premier Inspection revolves around a detailed report that, for example with a 5th wheel or Class A RV – will often include 80-120 photos within its 75-100 page document. RVs are complicated pieces of equipment assembled from a collection of different components manufactured by different companies, and each of these components needs to be evaluated and tested to ensure that each piece functions properly. Certified RV Inspectors have the specific training to know what to look for in an RV and how to document their findings in a thorough report.

A Certified RV Inspector is an unbiased third party with no financial stake in the inspected RV’s possible purchase or sale. The Certified RV Inspector performing a Premier Inspection will spend a full day (6-10 hours) in, on and around the RV. Additionally, the Certified RV Inspector will have spent several hours prior to the Premier Inspection updating and gaining additional and specific knowledge of the RV. Following the on-site inspection, the Certified RV Inspector will compile the detailed, often 75-100 page, report.

Unlike the ‘inspection’ or ‘review’ provided by a basic inspection where it is impossible to thoroughly review and evaluate the life-safety issues of an RV as well as the functional status of the collection of different components manufactured by different companies in its 30- to 45-minute review, a Premier Inspection performed by a Certified RV Inspector overcomes that issue by spending the time necessary to fully evaluate the RV.

According to HomeGauge, a home inspection software company, to be an effective RV Inspector, you must essentially have a working knowledge of both house and automotive components, including:

  • RV interiors, including facilities, upholstery, furnishings, and cabinets
  • Exterior body and underbody (looking for things like rust and dents)
  • Air and heating systems and furnace
  • Propane systems
  • DC and AC electrical systems
  • Plumbing and water systems
  • RV refrigerator, generator, and other appliances
  • Tire and wheel condition, along with 4-wheel and all-wheel systems
  • Windows, doors, and roof condition
  • Collision or water damage
  • RV fire safety
  • RV weight regulation
  • Engine, transmission, and exhaust
  • Braking systems, steering, and suspension


Therefore, in order to perform an effective inspection, the RV will need to have full hookups – that is, water, sewer and full power connections present and functioning during the inspection.


A Premier Inspection performed by a Certified RV Inspector is beneficial in many ways, the most important being:

  1. Help make informed purchasing decisions

    Certified RV Inspectors have a working knowledge of an RV’s essential components and structural aspects. The Inspector lets the buyer/seller/owner know about the RV’s condition. Having that information provided by the Inspector will help you make informed decisions about the RV.

    Every RV Inspector works differently, so be sure to ask beforehand if they mind you tagging along for the inspection. While some will agree, others prefer to concentrate on the task at hand and discuss their findings in detail after the inspection.

  2. Bring to attention repairs or damages that need to be addressed

    More often than not, and regardless if an RV is new or used, there will be issues to contend with, however big or small. Thorough RV inspections often detect these issues, so the potential buyer/seller/owner has the opportunity to have issues repaired before the final sale or possibly negotiate on the price in lieu of repair work.

    Even a shiny new RV can be found with outlets that don’t work, a dead battery, and several other small things. All can be fixed, but if everything hadn’t been checked, you could be sent on your way without knowing that components needed fixing. It’s also much easier to get components fixed before RVing rather than while RVing and trying to get warranty work done later.

  3. Justify a fair price for the unit

    The detailed report from the unbiased third party Certified RV Inspector with no financial stake in the RV that lets you know the actual condition of the RV. The Certified RV Inspector being an unbiased third party will not determine the RV’s fair price. However, that detailed report gives you the advantage of reasonably determining and knowing the RV’s fair price.

Average Nationwide Premier Inspection Pricing – CY 2023

  • Class A Diesel Motorhome – $1500
  • Class A Gas Motorhome – $1400
  • Class C Diesel Motorhome – $1300
  • Class C Gas Motorhome – $1200
  • 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Toy Hauler – $1500
  • 5th Wheel Travel Trailer – $1300
  • Class B Diesel Motorhome – $1100
  • Class B Gas Motorhome – $1000
  • Travel Trailer – $1000

Please note, State vehicle licensing inspections are not offered.

Maintenance - Fundamental Repairs

Uncle Mike’s RV Service is also ready to assist you with the fundamental repairs that need to be done on the cabin of your RV – whether that’s for maintaining or selling your RV, or making the changes needed on a new purchase.

… roof leaks, roof seals, trim & window seals, water heaters, furnaces, faucet leaks, etc.

Uncle Mike also provides basic, seasonal and a/c maintenance.

  • Slideout seals cleaning and lubrication
  • A/C filter cleaning, condenser and evaporator coil cleaning
  • Winterization and dewinterization
  • Awning mechanism cleaning and lubrication
  • Slideout topper mechanism cleaning and lubrication
  • Service Call out fee – $100
  • Winterization Service – $150
  • Dewinterization Service -$125
  • Basic Introduction to RVing
    • 2-3 hrs – $250; 3-4 hrs – $350
  • Basic Introduction to periodic RV inspection
    • 3 hrs – $300; 3-4 hrs – $350; 4-5 hrs – $400

Note: supply costs & service jobs vary and will be quoted prior to performing service.

Please note, automotive/truck repairs for gas and diesel mechanical services are not offered.

Fluid Analysis

Think of fluid analyses as “health care” for your vehicles. Just like we don’t take chances with our health, why take risks with your vehicle engines, transmissions and generators. Using the science of fluid analyses, you will improve maintenance and ensure that your equipment, your oils and your coolants are performing as they should. Simply put, fluid analyses will improve your vehicle’s reliability. Testing all your fluids will establish a good baseline of what status your RV and/or Tow Vehicle is at today.

  • Saves you money by detecting problems that may result in a breakdown with its expensive tow cost
  • Tells you, and your technician, what parts may need attention – making maintenance more effective
  • Gives you the ‘Peace of Mind’ knowing your RV and towing vehicles stay as reliable and “worry free” as possible, that they are in tip top shape, and ready to go when you are
  • Lets you know if you can safely extend your oil change intervals (some Class A owners are already running up to 25,000 miles between engine oil changes)

Uncle Mike’s RV Service utilizes laboratory analyses performed through JG Lubricant Services – a leader in Oil and Coolant Analysis

Oil (Engine | Transmission | Generator) Analysis

  • Includes the following tests: Metals Analysis (wear metals, contaminant metals and additive metals), Viscosity at 100C, Water Content and Soot Content, TBN (Total Base Number) for engine oil samples, TAN (Total Acid Number) for non-engine oil samples, and Oxidation/Nitration

Coolant Analysis
  • Includes the following tests: pH, % glycol, Freeze Point, Boiling Point, Nitrite content, Specific Conductivity, Foam Break Time, Carboxylic Acid (pass/fail), Corrosion Metals, Contaminant Metals, and Inhibitor Metals

  • One Sample – $125
  • Additional samples – $100 each

Discounts are offered to Veterans, Active-Duty Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders; inquire for details!

RV Education

  • Using your RV, Uncle Mike will familiarize you with the systems and components that you have so that you can enjoy RVing from your very first day.
  • Using your RV, Uncle Mike will familiarize you with the fundamentals of periodically inspecting the RV to ensure water leakage, catastrophic failure, or other regrettable issues are minimized to the greatest extent possible.

Coming soon…

Co-taught with Brent Johnson of RV Medic Services.